Dull Roar


60.5 x 80 cm

Oil on Canvas

Mounted on a stretcher frame and ready to hang.

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Aer brut oil painting


Dull Roar. Outsider art oil painting featuring a face comprised of bold black and white lines on a red background. I’ve been working on this for approximately two years. It’s undergone many iterations as a result the canvas has quite a heavy texture which is an effect that I frequently strive towards in my artworks. I don’t now recall the original composition. However, I know that the only surviving parts from the early versions are the spirals, albeit somewhat changed. The last version before I settled on this one was more autumnal in colour and wasn’t quite as bold as I was aiming for. Hence the move towards a solid red background.

I named it Dull Roar to suggest the quality of a somewhat muted scream which is itself a reference to the line, “this my scream it’s just a dull roar” from the song Tenderfoot.

A giclee quality art print of this painting is available.


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