Ichthyophobia (Weird Fishes)


Ichthyophobia (Weird Fishes)

Acrylic on canvas with newspaper collage.

100 x 70 cm

Mounted on a wooden stretcher frame and ready to hang.



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A. Ichthyophobia (Weird Fishes)


Ichthyophobia (Weird Fishes) –  With this piece I just let my self go at it with whatever random urge or direction came to me. As a result you have a picture that mixes most of my favorite themes and techniques along with some not so subtle personal commentary. It took about three weeks to complete adding little bits and chaging things repaeadtedly until I came to this unlikely and rather bizarre completion, which incedentally I am very happy with.

The themes incorparated are fish, faces, and skeletons.  The technique icludes splash worck, scratches, scrapes, newspaer collage along with more traditional brush work. It’s quite a large piece (one of my biggest so far) and I’m not entirely sure that the photograph really does it justice. I get some interesting reactions to this piece.

The name Ichthyophobia (weird fishes) is the fear of fish, which relates to the commentary on the picture itself. Fear of fish (ichthypohobia) is a an interesting phobia. I was quite suprised when I first met someone with this fear. Certainly my intial reaction was that they were pulling my leg, but that turned out not to be the case.

This piece like all of the others is signed on the back, mounted on a stretcher frame, and ready to hang.



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