Turkey Earthquake 06 02 2023

In the early hours of Monday, the 6th of February Turkey was rocked by a massive earthquake (7.8) the largest earthquake in this country since 1939, later that same day around noon a second earthquake struck (7.7) around 60 kilometres away from the original, devastating a massive area and bring calamity to all the surrounding villages, towns, and cities.

The search for those that have perished beneath buildings continues, and an enormous amount of people have been displaced and are living in tents and makeshift accommodation in the freezing cold of winter, without proper sanitation or basic necessities.

I painted this picture as an expression of solidarity for those people left in terrible conditions and also mourning for the lives that have been suddenly taken from us. I don’t intend it to be either political or partisan.

In the event you might like to support these people in their hours of need you can donate here:


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