Outsider Art Exhibition

Some photos from ‘Outsider’ my solo outsider art exhibition that ran for four days earlier this month, at Attila Özer Karikatür Evi, Eskişehir, Turkey. The exhibition included 21 Paintings all painted within the last two years. Including my latest works Outsider and Sir Ox Hat.

It’s my second solo outsider art exhibition, both in Eskişehir. I was hoping to exhibit with a fellow outsider artist this time, but unfortunately, he had to pull out at the last minute.

In terms of scope, the artworks in this exhibition differ considerably from my first exhibition ‘Windows‘. Windows was mostly a collection of self-portraits hence the name suggesting that the artworks were a window into my internal process (with the obvious exception of Women Life Freedom).

Outsider, in contrast, seeks to explore a considerably more diverse range of subjects including war (Obverser), the pharmaceutical industry (Sir Ox Hat), Suicide (Ideation), work (nightshift in the rain), societal isolation (Outsider, The Misanthrope, Bigmouth, Exile), romantic relationships (Patlican Man, Fish Bones, My Robot Heart, King of Nowhere), absurdism (Certainty, Pudding Dash), political discourse (Judge, Jury, & Executioner) and Turkey’s devastating earthquake in February of this year (06/02/2023, Anxiety Overkill).

I was very pleased with the exhibition hall, the staff were very helpful and really friendly. The walls were brick which had the advantage of making the paintings stand out in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

I can’t say that the hordes came (one can dream) but those that did gave me very positive feedback and it was interesting to hear some comparisons with my previous exhibition. Particularly as I hadn’t realised there had been such a shift in terms of the colour palette, this one was is seems a bit more colourful.

A full list of the exhibition works

Obverser (Endless War) 80 x 100 cm
Certainty (Weird Fishes)70 x  50 cm
Drain Soup Shame70 x 100 cm
Dull Roar60.5 x 80 cm
Fish Bones (Plenty of Fish)40 x 60 cm
Fish Face Mash Up80 x 72 cm
Ideation70 x 50 cm
Judge, Jury, & Executioner (return of the puritans)70 x 50 cm
Patlican Man60 x 80 cm
The Misanthrope70 x 50 cm
Outsider60 x 90 cm
06/02/202370 x 80 cm
King of Nowhere70 x 50 cm
Pudding Dash70 x 50 cm
Exile (Weird fishes) 70 x 50 cm
Sir Ox Hat50 x 90 cm
Bigmouth80 x 60 cm
Night shift in the …70 x 50 cm
My Robot Heart80 x 60 cm
 Anxiety Overkill70 x 50 cm
 Plenty of Fish          (Weird Fishes)                80 x 60 cm

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