Fish Bones (Plenty of Fish)


Acrylic on canvas


mounted on a stretcher frame

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Fish Bones Painting


Fish Bones (Plenty of Fish) acrylic on canvas with newspaper. Plenty of fish in the sea, or so they say along with all the other old hackneyed sayings that are supposed to give you some feeling of comfort. But maybe you’re still busily picking over the bones of past relationships, or maybe there was some specific fish that you were rather fond of and no other fish looks quite the same in comparison. Either way, you’re still single.

This painting is meant as a tongue-in-cheek play on the idiom plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe a bit sarcastic, a bit bitter. Or maybe I just like painting fish.

This canvas has quite a heavy texture as it’s been painted with many layers. The fish bones are actually also newspaper cutouts. Although, this isn’t easily understood as I have painted it so much all the text has disappeared. This painting is mostly splash and scrape technique, I think I used a brush just for the black and white parts.

This painting is part of a collection of fish-themed paintings (weird fishes). You can find other fish-themed pictures here. I will be returning to this topic, again and again 🙂

This painting is mounted on a stretcher frame and ready to hang. Signed and dated on the back by me.


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