Acrylic on Canvas

with Newspaper text

70 x 50 cm

Mounted on a stretcher frame.

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Outsider Art, acrylic painting

It’s a bit of a mish-mash this one, painted in part in response to a friends statment that he wants to die. I called it ideation partly in reference to that, but also because I believe that the world is not a place without hope. Whilst sometimes days can be dark, on others the light comes and the laughter follows.

Ideation is the process of forming ideas in the mind. Somedays these idea may be dark and self destructive, but on others they can take us in new and better directions. I believe the creative process sometimes has the potential to help us work through pscyholigcal damage so we can move forward and maybe breath a little easier. So whilst the topic of this picture maybe a bit on the dark side, the message is one of hope.

Many suicidal people I have known over the years (some still with us, some not) have been exceptionally pure of heart and intent. While they suffer from the darkness within, they still manange to show empathy and understanding with the people around them.

the writing on this painting says, “he says he wants to die,” “This fish ain’t right,” and “Your mind breaks, but your heart never falters.”


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