Plenty of Fish (Weird Fishes)


Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 cm

Mounted on a sturdy wooden stretcher frame.

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A painting of some fish

Plenty of Fish – This an acrylic painting, with some newspaper cuttings to make up the fish shapes. This is the first time I have experimented with collage within my paintings. A collection of light bluish fish on a mostly orange background. There are a few different species, that I chose quite randomly including: cod, piranha, plaice and sardines. Each of them is actually cut from newspaper before being stuck on the canvas, (you can see the newsprint in the close ups) later I have splashed red, yellow, and greenish paint randomly across the face of the canvas. The next and final stage was to paint the details of the bodies over the newspaper cut-outs.
As mentioned in my bio, I paint fish and other sea creatures because I find them interesting, and by interesting I mean weird, odd looking, utterly fascinating. Accordingly I will be producing more artwork in this vein, and will also continue to experiment with collage.

The name plenty of fish isn’t intentionally a reference to the idiom, plenty more fish in the sea, however it is an interesting idiom. I always found it interesting advice to give a person, most people when given such advice know already that they like one specific one. Why are you trying to sell me on the cod when I like the dangerous one with the weird eyes and the sharp teeth.

Prints of this painting are available via my Artmajeur account.


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