Escape Artist


Acrylic on canvas with newspaper clippings

70×40 CMS

Mounted on a wooden stretcher frame and ready to hang.

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Escape Artist. This was a canvas I originally painted in 2020, I was pleased with the composition but something was lacking overall so I put it to one side for a couple of years. These days with the cost of material sky rocketing I find myself looking through my old canvasses to find things I can work with and I came across this one. I’ve added new colours increasing the contrast as well as making the lines bolder which makes the overall impact of the picture more striking. The newspaper clippings I have also added recently. The clippings say, ‘My diseased head. Escape.’

The title ‘Escape Artist’ and meaning of the picture is a reference to the fact that certain activities are used as ways of escaping or distracting ourselves. For me this includes lots of artistic pursuits (among other things).


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