Exile (Weird Fishes)


Acrylic on canvas, incorporating newspaper clippings.

70 x 50 cm

Mounted on a wooden stretcher frame.

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A collection of piranhas on a multi-coloured background featuring squares and splash work. background. There are five piranhas painted in a light bluish colour and one skeletal piranha.
This canvas was painted before, but I was unhappy with the original picture so made a background with the different colours square. Later I used white acrylic paint to adhere paper clippings in the shape of fish to the canvas, before splashing the canvas randomly with orange and yellow paint. After that I painted in the detail of the fish, leaving some areas slightly translucent so that the newspaper clippings underneath are just visible, this is clear in the detail photos.

This painting is kind of brother piece to another artwork (Pariah Weird Fishes) and the concept is similar, the skeletal fish in the middle represents the concept of feeling, exiled or lake an outsider from contemporary society, not quite having the ability to properly fit in anywhere.
As mentioned on other parts of this website, I paint fish and other sea creatures because I find them interesting, and by interesting I mean weird, odd looking, utterly fascinating.


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