The New Crime


Acrylic on canvas incorporating newspaper clippings

80 x 50 cm

mounted on a stretcher frame

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Thought Crime

This an acrylic painting on a canvas background that incorporates newspaper clippings. The newspaper clippings are from a few different Turkish Newspapers, with the exception of the words in the eyes, most of the rest of the words have been chosen randomly and don’t have any specific meaning in terms of the overall concept of the painting. Although I have chosen words that I am at least able to understand (just about).

The writing in the eyes ‘yeni suç’ translates as the new crime and were of course chosen intentionally. The news article on the right hand side has ‘Bir taşla iki kuş’ in the heading which is the Turkish equivalent of two birds with one stone.

The message of the painting is in reference to what seem to be the slow realisation that George Orwell’s predictions regarding thought crime are slowly coming to bear. it’s not enough now to control what you say, now they want to control what you think also.



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