Paint Nothing (The Crisis At The Door)


Acrylic on canvas with newspaper collage

Mounted on a stretcher frame

50 x 70 cm


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Paint Nothing (the crisis at the door) ana original acrylic painting featuring a face and heart and newspaper clippings. As can been seen I am still experimenting with this style, I think this is now the fourth painting in which I have incorporated clippings from Turkish newspapers. Some of the words and clippings are random others not so much. Paint Nothing letters in the eyee are obviously intentional as are the Turkish words in the mouth and heart.

krizi kapıda = The crisis at the door.

Kalp = Heart

I’m an English painter living in Turkey, so the mash up of languages is quite normal for me. I like the Paint Nothing slogan so much that I have put it on a mug and t-shirt that you can find in the merchandise section of this website.


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