Paintings of faces and figures

I paint a lot of faces, there is a tendency in humans to see patterns when experiencing visual stimuli, this is known as pareidolia, and it is particularly applicable to faces. With just the most basic lines or collection of random objects you can manipulate the viewer to see a human face. Humans communicate a massive amount of non verbal information via the  expressions they use on their faces, pleasure, pain, disinterest, ecstasy, boredom, rage, loneliness. This is the crux of what interests me in these paintings.

I’m not a technical painter, I haven’t studied technique, or spent hours trying to master someone else’s style, mainly because that route has little to no appeal to me. I prefer to approach my art head on making my own mistakes and discoveries along the way, rather than have someone else dictate to me how I should express myself, which seems to defeat the point. 


My approach in terms of painting is inspired by the old school get up and do it yourself punk ethos that I grew up with, in much the same way that anyone can pick up an instrument and start a band, anyone can pick up a paintbrush and paint a picture. Although with me this is more of a compulsion than a choice. A cathartic necessity that draws me to stay up all night flinging paint at a canvas. 

As a result, the focus of most of these paintings is on trying to capture an expression, an emotion, a fleeting glimpse in as raw and direct way as possible. Interestingly I have discovered that my intention in terms of whatever emotion I am trying to express, is, to some degree irrelevant. The viewer finds their own response. I have seen people argue over whether the subject of one of my paintings is smiling or crying, happy or sad. It pleases me to see people respond to my paintings with their own feelings, even if that response is that my painting is disturbing or scary.


There is a range of inspiration in the faces and figures that I choose to paint for example Heart Struck Man and Large Face in Acrylic are both self portraits and are autobiographical in nature.  The Monster is inspired by Frankenstein’s monster from Mary Shelley’s  book Frankenstein. The painting Wormy is a comment on the psychological effects of childhood bullying on the life of an adult, and Kafka Redacted clearly depicts Franz Kafka.

In this painting I’ve been experimenting with new technique, starting with a chaotic splash and drip approach and then try and bring out the features using more controlled methods. I’ve completed a few other paintings using the same style, I’m quite happy with the effect. This painting has quite a textured feel to it as there are multiple layers of paint that have been applied using various different methods including splashes, drips, roller application and brushwork. Painted in Eskisehir December 2021. Prints of this painting are available here, products featuring this picture are available here.

random selection of avaible artworks

Portrait in acrylic

That’s Life. Painted in Eskisehir May 2021. This painting is available to buy here. Prints and reproductions of this painting are available here.

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster. Painted in Eskisehir October 2020. This artwork is available to buy. Merchandise featuring this artwork is available here.

Pensive Man. Acrylic on canvas, Painted in Eskisehir March 2021. This painting is available to buy here.

brightly coloured face

Fade. Acrylic on canvas. Painted in Eskisehir September 2020. This picture is for sale. Merchandise featuring this design is available here.

Large Face. Acrylic on canvas, painted in Eskisehir, Turkey, July 2020. This picture is for sale.

Oil painting of man

Heart Struck Man. Painted in Eskisehir July 2020, oil on canvas. This picture is for sale. Merchandise featuring this artwork is available here.

Love-struck man

Man with arrows in heart. Oil on canvas. Painted in Eskisehir August 2020. This artwork is for sale.

Heart headed human

Heart / Head painted in Eskisehir in August 2020. Oil on canvas. This painting is for sale.

Face in Acrylic

Renkli Adam, acrylic on canvas. Painted in Eskisehir, September 2020. SOLD

Man's portrait

Forlorn Hope. Oil on canvas. Painted in Eskisehir September 2020. This artwork is for sale.

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