Stupid Game


Acrylic on canvas with newspaper clippings

70×100 CMS

Mounted on a wooden stretcher frame and ready to hang.

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Acrylic painting with newspaper collage, featuring a face.


Splash painting in the style of outsider art depicting heart head combination and newspaper clippings. The face shape represents simultaneously a heart hence the three ventricles at the top, and the overall heart shape. In the mouth there are newspaper clippings spelling out the words ‘stupid game’ in reference to the fickle nature of the human heart in relation to love and relationships. It’s a painting about love and all the unnecessary and stupid games people paly with each other both when initially embarking on a relationship and often as a constant going forward.

I initially approached the painting to be as a companion piece for one of my sold paintings called ‘scrambl-ed’ whilst the technique and the composition of the paintings is quite similar they have quite a different feeling to them that I can’t quite put my finger on, maybe that is for the viewer to decide. With this painting I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to say with the picture and how I wanted to execute it.

Within the artwork there is also some Turkish words including the words ‘romantic surprise’ in the left eye and ‘foreign father’ in the right eye. on the top left there is a partial sentence that is something approximate to ‘left us for…’ or ‘abandoned us for’…..Underneath the white paint on the left it says ‘filistin’ which is Turkish for Palestinian, but I used it more in the meaning of the word philistine in English as a kind of sarcastic observation on my style of painting. I’m also quite curious about the etymology of this word but always forget to research it.


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