Pigritudous Art NFTS

I’ve been asked a few times about NFTs, and whether or not I was intending to mint or market any of my artworks as NFTs. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a massive luddite, and far more interested in the real world than its digital counterpart. So originally the question was a little confusing for me, something like ..

Random person “You know, NFT’s?”

Me “No not really, seen them in the news, no idea what they are.”

RP “They’re like non fungible tokens, it’s a crypto thing, you can mint your artwork on the blockchain.”

Me “There are two words in that sentence that I don’t understand and one in which the first definition that comes to mind is as a herb that I use to season food.”

So as is quite clear, it wasn’t a concept that I was familiar with. However, despite my original reluctance and lack of knowledge of the subject, I did make the effort to research what a blockchain is and how it works, and read a bit about cryptocurrencies, to the point I now have a rudimentary understanding of NFTs and what they are. As a result, I do have some NFTs available right here: https://opensea.io/Pigritudous

Now I don’t want to be misunderstood or anything, I haven’t undergone a religious conversion or anything like that, I’m certainly not a ‘true believer’, I’m still a luddite, still analogue, I still want to throw canvas around and fling paint at it. It was more a question of why not then why, and it was interesting to learn something new.

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