Disintegration – Outsider Art


Oil on canvas

100 x 61 cm

Mounted on a wooden stretcher frame.


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Outsider Art

Disintegration – Outsider art portrait of sorts in bright colours and bold lines. I listed this before with the same composition but with a considerably different combination of colours, I then had it hanging in my lounge and it kept pulling at me to add to it, so I took the decision to remix it with a much bolder and brighter colour palette. I suppose in the end it took quite a few months to get to a finished article. As with the other paintings it was completed on my balcony cum studio that I mention in my blog.

This piece is a continuation of the theme in the earlier painting Separation Anxiety. After separation anxiety comes disintegration. The feeling of multiple feelings and beliefs operating simultaneously within the same mind, causing a conflict of contradictions, that leaves a human feeling disorientated. The piece represents multiple facets of the same person. The black lines and contrasting colours are intentionally supposed to represent the conflict and stress within the depicted character. The inclusion of what could represent an oesophagus is more of a happy accident than purposeful intention, although I think it fits nicely with the concept of the painting, After all the entrance and the exit often experience considerable levels of stress.

Oil on canvas, mounted on a stretcher frame


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