Grasping Drunk


Oil on canvas


Mounted on stretcher frame and ready to hang.

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Outsider art oil panting of drunken man.

I don’t recollect starting this painting but I do recall that by the time I finished, I had a fairly clear concept of what I wanted to depict, hence the title Grasping Drunk. The painting is of a drunken man grasping for more alcohol, a situation that isn’t entirely unfamiliar. The culture I grew up in is pretty booze-soaked and I love a drink, however, I’m quite aware of the destruction this substance can potentially unleash.

The canvas was worked a bit before I settled on the final composition, and as a result has quite a heavy texture, which is a feature of many of my works. It gives the painting the feeling that it has been scrapped and scratched into existence rather than painted.

Grasping Drunk is indirectly influenced by Edvard Munch’s The Scream along with another painting of mine Escape Artist

Edvard Munch is an artist that I find quite fascinating so it is unsurprising to find aspects of my painting inspired in some way by his style.


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