60 x 90 cm

Acrylic on canvas with newspaper clippings.

Mounted on a stretcher frame and ready to hang

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Outsider art painting

I painted Outsider as the title piece of my exhibition also titled Outsider, which ran between 09.10.23 – 12.10.23 in Eskişehir, Turkey. In terms of subject matter, I think the title and the painting speaks for itself. Although I would point out that this is a self-portrait.

This painting has almost no brushwork aside from the black and white lines added towards the end of the painting process. Most of the paint is either poured directly on the canvas before being manipulated with a scraper or splashed from a distance.

This process of painting gives a textured feel to the painting which is a feature of most of my artworks.

This painting was I believe completed in three sittings.


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