Thought Criminal


Acrylic on canvas

70 x 50 cm

Mounted on a stretcher frame and ready to hang

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thought criminal punk art with newspaper clippings

Thought Criminal is a reference to the Orwellian concept of thought crime, a dystopian idea that frequently in these days comes too close to reality. The painting started out as a splash painting with the figure and newspaper clippings added later. The newspaper clippings say:

freedom of thought is an illusion (in that our opinions about the world around us are more than ever spoon-fed to us. Our addiction and immersion in the digital world has left us completely malleable in terms of what we think and how we perceive the world around us).

I only wanted to buy cheese and love (a yearning for a simpler age).

Thought Criminal is part of a series of paintings called The Algorithm which has a theme about life in the modern age and how the algorithms of the digital age have almost complete control over every aspect of our lives.

There are currently two other completed paintings that are part of this series Reject and The Algorithm I am planning another three to complete the series (they’re all in my head already) although currently, financial restrictions mean I am unable to afford either the canvas or paint. The three completed pieces in the series are all on canvases that I have painted over. But needs must and all that.


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